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The Standard trailer’s air ride suspension, sliding axle, and in-cab hydraulic operation systems make it an excellent option for delivering the essential resources your customers need.


The Standard's
Base Features

Unique Roller System Safeguards Your Trusses

  • 2’ Gap Between Rollers Decreases Truss Stress and Flex
  • 5” Rollers Raised Above Side Rail Decreases Offload Catching
  • Raised Roller Gap Creates Forklift Accessible Slot
  • Mesh Between Rollers Decreases Moisture Buildup
  • Rear Dovetail Protects Trusses During Unloading and Makes Winch Loading Easier

Sliding Suspension For Maneuverability

  • Decrease Your Turning Radius
  • Make Deliveries on Tight Job Sites

Engineered To Exacting Standards In Fargo, ND

  • Sealed Ball Bearings on Rollers
  • Reinforced Dual Rear Rollers
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish

Designed With Easy To Control Air Systems

  • Ridewell Sliding Air Ride Suspension
  • Air Operated Load Control  System
  • Air Operated Roller Pin Lock System

Built To Maintain Safe Operations

  • Patented Strap Locks Secure Loads Where Needed
  • Airlift ICC Bumper
  • Highly Visible LED Lights
  • Strobe Lights Brightly Illuminate Operations
Trailer Straps

Hydraulics For Quick and Easy Deliveries

  • Hydraulic tilt deck system to limit load drop height
  • Push Button Hydraulic Controls with a Wireless Hydraulic Controller
  • Easily accessible and self-contained hydraulic power unit

Optional Features

extended trailer

Removable Headache Rack

Sliding Strap Locks

We Are A Company
That You Can Trust

We Answer Your Questions Quickly

Our parts department, customer service and sales team are great at what they do. They have real hands on knowledge with our trailers and with trucking. When you have any questions or concerns give us a call.

Components Fabricated In Fargo, ND

We design, fabricate, and build most of our trailer components directly in-house. This means that no matter the year or model of your trailer we will be able to easily get you the part you need.

precision equipment engineering

Engineers Who Design For Your Needs

The engineering team at Precision Equipment is dedicated to building trailers that suit your needs. They are ready to create solutions for your unique situation. 


We have your back if anything with your trailer goes wrong. Not only is our parts department easy to work with, but our warranty covers you for 2 years.

2 year trailer warranty


Standard Features
Patented Strap LocksAirlift ICC Bumper
Mesh Between RollersSpring Loaded Composite Fenders
Dual Low Pro TiresAir Operated Roller Control System
Strobe LightingDove Tail On Rear of Trailer
LED Lighting SystemSandblasted & Primed w/PPG Polyurethane Paint
Strap WinchesHydraulic King Pin Plate
7-Way Receptacle on Rear of TrailerSelf-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
Dual Rear RollersAir Operated Roller Pin Lock System
Sliding Air Ride Suspension
Optional Features
4'x35' Load StrapsPatented Load Lifts
Hydraulic Operated Extend-A-RailRemovable Headache Rack
Tool BoxSliding Winch System
Sliding Strap Holder

Custom Colors Available

Your Color

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