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We've Spent Over
41,000 Hours Designing
And Building Trailers

Our engineers and designers have been working on trailers and manufacturing processes for over 20 years. That’s more than 41,000 hours spent building, testing, revising, and improving our truss trailers and trailer parts. Nearly all these parts are designed and fabricated in-house, giving us total control over the manufacturing process. 

Our engineering expertise is reinforced by decades of mechanical and trucking knowledge. This makes it easy for us to understand and solve the unique challenges you face when delivering the raw materials of North America’s infrastructure. 

Engineered For Your Needs

precision equipment engineering

Patented Strap Locks Designed For Easier Load Securing

The patented strap locks are designed to ensure that operators can easily connect a strap without worrying about the strap unhooking when they move to the other side of the trailer. Beyond that, our optional sliding strap locks adjust to allow your driver to position the straps where they are needed. 

Rollers are Optimized For Delivery

The 5” diameter rollers are the closest in the industry spaced at 2′ on center and optimized in several ways: 1)  The 2′ on center spacing decreases each roller’s load-bearing responsibility 2) They are raised above the side rail to make forklift access easier and to help prevent loads from catching on  3) The dual rear rollers are reinforced to increase the load-bearing capacity of the trailer at its most critical point.


Hydraulics Setup For In-Cab Operations

When your trailer is in position ready to roll off your trusses, you can control the entire load control the hydraulics from the cab of your truck. This helps your driver make deliveries quickly and efficiently.

Want a trailer customized for your needs?