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We Fabricate Almost Every Component Right Here In Fargo, ND

Our manufacturing team has been here for a long time. They understand the building process and can get trailers built efficiently and to a high standard.

They have been fabricating nearly every component of our trailers in Fargo, North Dakota, for the last 20 years. This means that our team can almost always make your part right here, from scratch, with expertise and attention to detail whenever you need a part. That means no messing with third-party vendors or trying to find an obscure part for your 2015 trailer.

Most of our manufacturing crew has been around since the beginning. They’ve seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t. They know what goes into building a trailer that will consistently deliver trusses.

The 6 Part Manufacturing Process


Metal, Meet Metal and Let Fabrication Begin

The fabrication process starts under the watchful eye of Squish. He is responsible for leading the team that runs our massive plasma cutter, CNCs, and water-cooled ban saws. This is where metal meets metal, and we begin fabricating your trailer’s components.


Strong Welds Unite Your Parts for Life

Like most of our team, our welders have been with us since the beginning. Their welds mirror the strength of these steel-spined American welders. They consistently produce welds that forge a bond that can endure the stressors of our roadways.   


A Lesson For Metal Written in Grit

Steel-colored shot pellets make our massive shot blasting room feel like a grey sand beach. Standing tall among the grey and in full PPE is Todd and his team. They blast the contaminates from your trailer’s parts, reminding the metal that grit is essential in a long and robust life.


Primed To Be Prepared For A Long Life

Before your trailer’s powder coat holds tight, it needs a primer. We use a high-quality PPG Polyurethane primer to prime your trailer’s parts.


Finished With Custom Color

Whether you choose the standard black or to reinforce your brand at every job site with custom colors, your trailer will receive a durable and long-lasting finish. The powder coat electrostatically bonds to the trailer creating a finish that will represent you well and keep the rust away.


All of Our Efforts Are Brought Together in Assembly

Finally, we assemble the entire trailer to create the delivery tool you and our sales team discussed. We pay close attention to the details to ensure that your trailer is built with the precision to keep your business strong.

Are You Ready to To Put Our Manufacturing To Work For You?