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Precision Equipment Manufacturing started in 1999 when Bob Nelson purchased PEMNA, a Custom Fire Truck manufacturer. PEMNA built fire trucks for rural fire departments by taking used truck chassis’, building new tanks, and installing pumps with new technology that small departments could afford. As the market and economy changed these community fire departments got involved with government grants and charitable gambling, providing much greater means to purchase new trucks and equipment.

It was time to retool. So using the name PEMNA as a basis, the name was changed to Precision Equipment Manufacturing of North America Inc. (PEMNA). During this transition, energy was diverted to custom fabricating of all sorts. Searching for a new product line, Snow Pro, a skid steer attachment for snow moving was developed. In the meantime, Precision Equipment also got involved with a rafter manufacturing company called United Structural Components. With a large customer base and urgent demand for finished product over 200 miles away, there was a quick learning curve that the rafters and wall panels were negatively impacted during the transport. As a result, custom built roller trailers with air ride suspension and specially designed braking systems to roll off the loads slowly and damage free at the jobsites were developed. The end users of the product could not have been happier! This concept took off rapidly, taking Precision Equipment into a new product line and a market that spanned both nationally and internationally.

The housing market had a huge appetite for roller trailers and Precision Equipment was able to deliver the premier trailer for the time. Trailers were specifically designed to accommodate the component manufacturers expectations and jobsite needs. Roller trailers ranged from the short 28’ gooseneck which could handle the tightest jobsite to the 53-80’ stretch trailer for much larger projects. With Precision’s reputation and manufacturing abilities known nationally we took great pride when we were commissioned by industry leaders in the Wind Energy Business to build extendable trailers and steerable trailers, extending up to 120 feet for wind blades.

Precision Equipment enjoyed success until the housing market dropped. This provided an opportunity to exhibit corporate flexibility. Existing units were sold and a design was developed for agricultural trailers, beginning with hopper bottom grain trailers and end dump sugar beet trailers. With this new undertaking there was also the realization that a company owned paint facility that could create a high quality paint coating at a reasonable price was necessary to be competitive. Precision Equipment purchased a paint facility with sand blasting capabilities and room for assembly. Precision Finishes LLC was formed in 2007, providing industrial painting for Precision Equipment and its external customers.

Since that time, product lines have been expanded in the agricultural industry which now includes the grain hopper bottom, ag end dump, step deck, tile trailer and the new RGN. Precision also entered the aggregate construction business as well with belly dump gravel trailers, a pup belly dump and side dump construction trailers. Becoming a Meritor OEM supplier has provided for factory direct parts for trailers like axles, valves, braking systems and suspensions, another advantage for customers.

Recently, through our advancement in equipment, technology and personnel and fueled by the desire to expand, Precision Equipment started the fabricating; manufacturing and marketing of new design flameless heating units. These units are a new generation of flameless called Rotational Energy. Through the development of this venture, a new dimension of engineering and sales personnel along with a new type of manufacturing with assembly lines, outsourcing and purchasing was added. This new arena changed the total structure of Precision Equipment with different demands and technology. This adventure has provided the opportunity to install an ERP system with processes and procedures these systems require. In addition, a multi-use indirect flame heater that can also be a power source with a light plant was developed: a one unit construction site tri-use unit called the Dragon Wagon.

Through all of this growth, Precision Equipment has broken ground for a new facility that will double the building size and allow for multiple bridge cranes to enhance the safety and ease of manufacturing. This also allows the consolidation of the painting facility and the manufacturing facility creating even more efficiencies of scale. This is an exciting time for Precision Equipment, who wishes to thank you for your business and customer loyalty.

Bob Nelson
President of Precision Equipment MFG, LLC

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