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Industry Leaders Trust Our Trailers

The trailers that we have purchased from Precision Equipment have been amazing and reliable trailers. I appreciate everything that the team at Precision Equipment has done for me and I look forward to purchasing more trailers in the future.

-- Gene P
Premier Building Components
Lindon, UT

We Take Pride In Every Part of Our Trailers

Built By An Experienced
Team in Fargo, ND

Your truss trailer’s journey to roadworthiness starts in the reliable hands of our talented Fargo, North Dakota manufacturing crew. Every day they hit the shop floor with the quality that you demand on their minds.

Designed By Engineers With Hands On Experience

Productivity means time spent on the road making deliveries. Your fleet can’t get bogged down unlocking rollers, expanding trailers, or waiting on maintenance to be resolved. Take a look at how our trailer’s engineering team designs for your needs.

Supported By A Team Of Dedicated Professionals

Our office and sales teams are dedicated to providing you with world-class customer support. Any time that you need assistance or questions answered you can trust our office team.

We Are Founded on a Spirit of Quality, Teamwork
and Innovation

Precision Equipment was founded nearly 20 years ago by Bob Nelson. Bob has always been an innovator who takes great pride in the team that he surrounds himself with. The team at Precision Equipment is a group of hard-working and talented craftsmen and professionals that constantly work to create high-quality products.