NDTO Member Profile: Precision Equipment Manufacturing

Precision Equipment Manufacturing of Fargo is very excited about their newest product - a highly efficient portable heater that uses magnetic fields to generate heat. Originally designed as an industrial heater, they are now exploring many other uses for the "dry" heat in applications across the globe.

The Power of Magnets

Keeping moisture-rich well heads from freezing in cold climates is a tough enough battle as it is. Now try introducing additional moisture from propane, dealing with the maintenance headaches of liquid heat transfer agents or worrying about the unsafe conditions presented by using flames and you have a recipe for a long, stressful and expensive winter.

Cat® Diesels Power Innovative Flameless Heating Technology

Supplying large volumes of clean heated air in situations where an open flame cannot be allowed presents a number of unusual challenges. The fact that those situations often occur in very cold locations like North Dakota’s oil fields or remote arctic exploration and production facilities only compounds the difficulty. Nevertheless, a combination of efficient, reliable Cat® diesel power and an innovative application of magnetic technology has allowed Precision Equipment Manufacturing of Fargo, North Dakota, to meet the challenge with its line of MagFan™ flameless heaters.